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Measure Your Suit

Before you buy a suit, it is important to know the suit size that fits you best. It easy to find out what suit size is for you by following these simple measurements.

Dress to Suit Botique

Essential Jacket Measurements:
  • Chest: Place a measuring tape high under your arms at the widest point, covering your chest and your shoulder blades. The tape should be completely level. You should be able to breathe normally and insert a finger between the tape. This suit measurement yields both your chest and suit size.
  • Jacket Length: When wearing a suit jacket, the length can be determined by curling your fingers
    while keeping your arms straight at your sides. If the hem of the jacket rests
    in the curve of your fingers, it is of an appropriate length.”
  • Sleeve Length: In this suit measurement, determine your sleeve length by measuring from the shoulder to a point that just covers the wrist.

Dress to Suit Botique

Essential Pants Measurements:
  • Waist: Most American suits will have a 6-inch difference, also known as a “drop,”
    between the size of the jacket and the waist of the pants. European suits
    typically have a 7-inch drop. For example, a size 38 jacket will have a 32″
    waist pant. Most pants can be let out up to 1 inch and taken in up to 2 inches;
    however, this does vary from pant to pant. To find your waist size, use a
    measuring tape encircling your natural waistline and allowing for the space of
    two fingers. 

  • Length: To measure your pant length, first use a well-fitting pair. Firstly, measure
    the outside seam length from the top of the waist to the bottom of the leg; this
    is your out seam length. Secondly, measure from the crotch to the bottom of the
    pant; this is the inseam length.